Thursday, September 25, 2008

Updraft Gas Kiln for Sale-SOLD


I'm switching to electric firing and so am selling my gas kiln and all that comes with it for $400 USD.

It's a 10 cubic foot updraft Crucible brand (Seattle Pottery Supply) Model 286G, 28" wide x 27" deep.
It's got the extra 4-1/2" blank ring (when installed kiln is 31.5" deep).
It's currently set up for propane, but burner nozzles can be changed out for natural gas.
Comes with burner/stand assembly, 4 burner Pilot Ring with Baso Pilot Safety System. Will also include 15 gal refillable propane tank, though it's happiest when you run it off something bigger.
I've been leasing a 120 gal tank through CHS and they come out to fill it. It was just here for the kiln. That gets removed this week.
Also comes with 9 half shelves, in good condition.

Includes hood vent if you need it and it works in your situation. I have wrapped the kiln with extra blanket and metal skin for slower cooling for copper reds.

3/4 full boxes of Orton cones 9, 10 and 11.

Kiln disassembles for easy transport.


davejiowa said...

Interested in your kiln. Have several questions: How much life does the kiln have left? How much do you think the shipping would be to ottumwa, Iowa. Why are you letting to of this kiln?
D. Johnson

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am interested in your kiln, I am in California and could possibly pick it up in a week or so.
Thanks, T. Wolin