Friday, September 5, 2008

Swimming again

Any day now could be the last day to swim in Lake Washington for the season. I expect it will soon be too cold. Sunny today, had the urge, so took the dog and hoped for the best. I did wear spandex leggings, in lieu of a wetsuit, for added warmth. I can feel it's a little cooler, but was able to warm up rather quickly. I think the leggings helped! Most times I'm there now, someone with a wetsuit shows up. I'm pleased to see how many people are swimming in the lake, instead of a pool at a club. Wetsuit people I talk to seem to think one can swim until November (if you've got a wetsuit). They talk of "brain freeze" if you don't have the little hoody.

PURGE, day 6: I'm trying to decide between two pairs of hiking boots to give up. Can't remember which one is the more comfortable. I often wear Tevas to hike in, or pull on boots so haven't worn either on a serious hike for awhile. eek it's almost midnight!

Just found this
doing a googling search for "clutter purge"
For now I'm continuing my one-a-day purge, but it got me a little excited reading it. I hope I'm not breaking any rules linking to this person's blog. Please let me know if I am. Hopefully just a note and not a subpoena.

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