Saturday, September 20, 2008

Daily Purge and Studio re-org progress

Purge: A small glass disc that seems to have some from an old clock face. Thought it might be useful in the studio, but something had to go today. I casserole with no lid also left me.

Studio progress. The glazing shelf that should have taken a day to go in took a week, but now it's in. It's a little over knee high, the glaze buckets sit on top, in a nice long 8 foot row. Underneath are more glaze or rinse water buckets, and they sit inside industrial mop buckets so they can freely wheel in and out from under the shelf. Next shelf to go up will be 8 feet long, but only 8 inches deep, about eye level. One can put the bisque pieces they're about to glaze and set a glazed piece there till it's ready to move over by the kiln. Peg board will give easy access to glazing tools. Working out some of those details tomorrow.

Bob's birthday is tomorrow. Waffles for breakfast. We have very little else planned.

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