Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rainy Day in Seattle

It rained most of the morning and afternoon. One of my favorite times to work at my pottery wheel is when it's both rainy AND warm. I push the wheel (it's ON wheels) out to the entrance of the garage, where I can watch the rain but not be in it. As I watched today I thought how good it would be to swim in the lake while it was raining. When I was ready for a throwing break I walked the dog the mile and a quarter to the lake, in the rain, and went swimming, in the rain. Fantastic. The eye level perspective of the drops on the water is stunning. And you have the whole beach to yourself. I hope it rains tomorrow so I can do it again.

Seattle Pottery Classes

Open registration started this Monday for my Sept-Dec 2008 pottery classes.
New things for the new session: New kiln, new glazes and my usual rearranging! This session we'll try out a couple image transfer techniques that I learned from Paul Wandless' workshop.
If you want to see pics of student work from my last session, find some of my earlier posts from June & July!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008

And now, a picture of our dog.

We adopted this dog Nov 2007 from the Seattle Humane Society. About 2 years old, looks like a small chocolate lab and maybe some English Springer Spaniel, maybe some other things. We think he's just the right amount of smart. We've seen him go through lots of changes, all of them good. He got us out swimming in Lake Washington recently, something we probably wouldn't have done without him. There's a tiny blurry photo of him in my etsy shop. See if you can find it. Hint: Little white bud vase. His name is Russell Opaque Beauregarde.
Anyway, seems that so many of our friends are getting dogs. That or kids. Usually not both.