Saturday, September 13, 2008

Purge, day 12 & 13

day 12: a little plastic elephant that I picked up on a walk. In front of what appeared to be an artist's house was a little box that said "treasures, take one". Being me, I did. The cute little elephant is now in the zone. He'll go to Goodwill.

day 13: Something called a "Moonjar". A nifty biz up on Capitol Hill's 19th Ave, Moonjar makes little colorfully illustrated boxes that teach children how to "Save, Spend and Share". Love the concept and have given these to friends with kids. This is my last one, goes to either goodwill or another parent.

NOTE: Everyday I'm throwing out more than my one-a-day, but I believe it is in large part because I start the day with looking for my one-a-day.

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