Thursday, September 11, 2008

Purge, day 11

Purge for the day: Food processor from the '80s, maybe earlier. Hamilton Beach brand. Got it from a friend's mother. Repaired the gears early on. Pretty flawless operation. A roommate cracked the container part. Still worked fine. I became a potter, it migrated to studio to grind my dry clay. What a workhorse. I stopped grinding the clay, just recycled big dry chunks instead. Food processor did more than it's fair share for one lifetime. Retired. Put it out to Food Processor Pasture. Really don't like our present food processor. It complains.


Kiln has some new elements. They glow. Will try trial firing tomorrow. Then hopefully I can get down to business! If this electric kiln works then I offer my updraft gas kiln on Craigslist. It's still hooked up to the tank so I'll be able to show how it works. Having to say goodbye to some lovely glazes with that kiln, but I'm loving many of the new glazes.

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