Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Purge, day....not sure which day it is.

Yesterday I purged a little wood desk I'd been using in the studio. This wee desk has been with me since childhood. I think I, and maybe one of my brothers had carved stuff into it. I'd even started to dismantle it once last year, but nailed it back together, rationalizing that it fit well in a particular corner. It's now a casualty of my war on clutter. But really, it's in a happier place now. It's an organ donor.

Today I purged 8 art pedestals that I've used to show my pottery in my studio. They are SO in the way! Even though I only have quarterly shows they are always there. So, I installed a line of shelves, close to the ceiling and I've put all my lively lidded vessels way up there.

The pedestals are now listed on craigslist. If they are not claimed soon they will be hacked to pieces and burned. Stuff is FLYING outta here!

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