Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kiln Work and Purge, day 7

I've got a new-to-me-12-year-old kiln that I just tried to run. It wouldn't reach temperature. I ordered new elements as that's what electric kiln users do when they can't reach temps. (I've been running mostly a propane kiln for my 8 year clay career so new to the routine). After ordering the elements I open the computer panel on the kiln and see that one of the terminal connectors has fried itself. So maybe it's not the elements. I'm learning much about electric kilns, rapidly. Still going to replace the elements as the old ones look old and tired. And I've already paid for the new ones. I was going somewhere with this story.....

Purge, day 7:
An old hot plate, goes to Goodwill. Actually, I throw out, recycle, reuse many thing in a day, but the purge entails scouting about for something I have to think twice about getting rid of. It's got to hurt just a little. That's a new rule, as I started out with no rules. I reserve the right to change that rule too.

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