Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Purge, days 1, 2, 3

Three days ago I decided that every morning I'm going to scout around for something to get rid of. 365 days from then I should have gotten rid of 365 items. I'm not putting any restrictions on the item. None, though that may change. They can be recycled, trashed, donated, sold. Could be a scrap of paper. Looking to establish a habit here.

Day one, I agreed to sell the dog crate we first got for our dog, who we got in November. The crate turned out to be small so we got a larger one. Don't know why I held onto this smaller one. Dog's not going to shrink.

Day two: We have two boot cleaners at the back door. One is falling apart. I dismantled it, some parts can be burnt as kindling, the other parts had to be trashed.

Day three: That's today. I have some kangoo jumps that didn't feel right on my feet. Am offering them to a neighbor who's knees have been bothering her, but still wishes to run. If she doesn't want them they're off to Goodwill or Craigslist.

All caught up now. Will try to keep abreast of the great purge!

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Banana-head Pancake said...

that sounds like a great challenge. Everyday day I'm surprised at how much stuff I bring home and how I'm not up to my neck!