Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day in Tacoma

"Let your fingers do the walking" was the Yellow Pages' tagline. But it's so apropos to Google now. Anyway, that's what I did when I was desperately trying to find parts for my kiln. First I had to figure out what to call these tiny parts, then go searching for them. "kiln element connectors with screw, no crimp" was my starting place. Finally located a possible source, Clay Art Center, in Tacoma, WA. Happy me, I could figure out another reason to go to Tacoma. Jennevieve and I needed to visit the space we are planning to exhibit our art in this coming December. She also needed to get more mold making materials, from Clay Art Center. So, with Jennevieve there as my casting guide, I bought my first non-clay sculpting materials. Stuff that doesn't dry while you're sculpting it. Am excited for the unknown materials, and not having to keep it under plastic, sneaking in under it to make changes. AND, the exhibition space is great. Very nice feel to it, perfect size.

Purge, day 12. A paddle handle. I stir my glazes with a kid's paddle and this extra handle has been kicking around. Landfill for this one.

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