Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cloth Frisbee contains lead pellets!

We found a cloth frisbee in the park and threw it around for a bit for our dog. It didn't take him long to start chewing it. He tore open the weighted hem and out came a string of little pellets. They looked suspicious so I used a lead testing kit to see if they contained lead. The testing pack says: "If it's read, it's lead!"

This is the frisbee after a few minutes of chewing. To the right are the string of pellets and the lead testing kit.

This is one pellet peeking out of the hem after that chewing.

This is a string of pellets still sheathed in the plastic hem. I can't tell if at any time the pellets are fully covered by plastic. The seam wasn't closing on this one.

My trusty lead testing kit prior to use and the string of pellets.

Following instructions I break the capsule inside the kit to let the yellow fluid flow into the brush at the end.

It then instructs, "rub 30 seconds onto item".

"If it's red, it's lead"
After only 4 seconds, the brush is bright red. The pellets contain lead. The test only indicates a presence of lead, not how much. We will be disposing of the toy. The brand name was unreadable when we found it.

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