Friday, October 24, 2008

Purging, catch up

Though I've not recently wrote about it, I have continued to purge.
Recently got rid of:
-Large sheet of rusty metal. Recycled
-chimney pipe for kiln and all associated scrap metal, landfill as recycle wouldn't take it as it had "been associated with heat".
-Serveral canvas bags of cone 10 recycled clay. Landfill unfortunately. It got too dry and reconstituting it would be a huge waste of time.
-Wood scraps of many varying sizes and compositions
-Folding metal chairs. Been with me for a long time. I like the way they look, a little retro, maybe even kitchy, but they were a hazard. Bolts missing. metal recycle.

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I wish my Dad read this blog.
Even used the internet...
You could purge his stuff from here "to the moon ALICE!" Love the blog...