Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day Hike at Middle Fork Snoqualmie River

We got a late start on Sunday for a hike so went to a favorite standby. The Middle Fork Snoqualmie River. It's basically a flat walk that follows the river. Green, lush, easy and you can get out and smell some good air. Four of us and 2 dogs in a landcruiser made our way to the trailhead along the potholed road. The trail is enclosed by trees and massive rocks to either side we could feel the fall crisp and see some changing of leaves, but more moss green than the typical orange hues. The creek we had had to wade back in August was a dry bed. The dogs really loved it and got along well together. We're all fairly new dog owners so still eager to see how the they'll do in new ventures. 7 miles, 3 hours and a nice little antipesto picnic by the river and we were headed home. Stopped to eat again at Rogue Brewery in Issaquah.

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