Monday, July 14, 2008

Must. keep. posting.

Am turning the studio upside down again. I like to shift things about, rethink the ergonomics. Am always surprised when I didn't figure this stuff the last time I inverted the studio.

Am making many French Butter Dishes, god they're cute, posting them to Etsy and trying to get the rest of my works up there too, including my Lively Vessels (formerly just called Lidded Vessels). My sculptural work now has its own Etsy "gallery",
I decided "barbdunshee" versus "barbaradunshee" would have to do to distinguish between my whimsical versus my fine art stuff. Works in a pinch. Can't change them now. Well, could but I'd have to start over with building up the shoppes (some people don't like that word, shoppes.)

Have decided I can't part with one of the faces. She's called "Marshmallow Princess". Actually she's the huge image at the beginning of this posting. Didn't mean to put her up there that big, but then I liked seeing her there. When I started using this face as an "Avatar" or icon for my Etsy site I started using some magnified detail images of her eyes. That and her surface texture really sucked me in.

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