Wednesday, November 17, 2010

French Butter Keepers, or as I call mine, Butter Bulbs™!

Fresh out of the kiln are a few new Butter Bulbs™ (the name I gave my design of French Butter Crocks). I created a bulb shape for the butter compartment. I like the way they feel in the hand and the way they hold in the butter. I've listed them for sale over at my Etsy shop


Anonymous said...

Dear Barbara,
I love your butter bulbs. It has become a permanent fixture in our kitchen. We had recently returned from St. Remy de Provence and the whole family was hooked on french baguette and REAL butter. Your bulbs are PERFECT. not only due we have luxurious butter at the perfect temperature to enjoy, but all the kids, even Joelle, my 5 year old can serve herself and lather up her own bread. Which make her fiercely independent heart very happy!
Thank you for such a beautiful and downright useful creation of art!!!

Barbara Dunshee said...

Dear Johnny,
We are on our second to last day of a 19 day trip to France so you can image how much I'm relating to your note this very moment!! We are already plotting how to satisfy our baguette addictions back in the states. Nice problem to have! What's your solution?
Thank you for the nice compliment, makes me feel great!