Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Plate setters

Potters are often searching for good plate setters. I'm very pleased with mine so thought I'd share. They are Gimson VB V1 and I got them from Clay Art Center in Tacoma, WA.

These are the discs that you place the plate on. See the radial lines? Those allow air to circulate under the plate.

These are the discs stacked with the legs.

This is one of the legs. They come in various heights.

I use mine at cone 6, but I've heard of them firing higher. Again, Clay Art Center in Tacoma, WA is where I got mine. I plan to get a few more of the stilts so I can be efficient with space usage when firing lots of plates. Not that I want to fire lots of plates, but sometime....you just have to.

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Morrigae said...

thanks for posting these pics. i'd looked at a few the other day online after reading your first post abt plate setters. i couldn't figure out how they're used. i may get some of these. they look really user friendly.