Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bon Voyage my little updraft kiln.

My updraft kiln has been snagged. Happily it went to a wonderful home and to someone who has plenty of firing know-how, plus the support of potters who fire similar kilns. My last firing in it was a breeze of course, but I won't forget the not-so-breezy firings. The buyer was also able to take the Pacific GT400 I had been storing. They will perhaps have to put in another motherboard. I had already spent too much on the wheel so was mad at it and refused to put in another penny. Emotional, yes, but there you have it. i hope they can get it working without much investment. I'd love to put a link to this potters work, but hesitate to do so without permission, but he's got some great salt fired work.

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